Chewing Ice Toothache Remedies

Having a toothache can be a very painful experience, especially those who must suffer through it for any length of time before going to the dentist. While it is recommended to visit a dentist to have the ache looked at as soon as possible, this may not be plausible for some, because of travel, finances, or some other issue. For these people, some pain relief is still possible using toothache remedies. For some aches, chewing ice toothache remedies work to soothe the pain.

When chewing ice toothache remedies will work

For some toothaches, chewing ice can help with the pain. It should be noted that a lot of toothaches are not going to be helped by chewing ice. This method will either help with the pain or make it worse. Whether it will work depends on the cause of the toothache. For the toothache that is the result of decay that has caused exposure of the inside of the tooth to the inside of the mouth, the ice will only work to make the pain worse. This is because of a cold sensitivity the tooth pulp has because of the decay.

Other types of aches, such as trauma or injury to the tissue that is mild in nature, chewing ice toothache remedies will usually help to make the pain more bearable. The only true way to know whether a toothache remedy actually works is to try it out. This can sometimes lead to the pain being exacerbated for a short period of time. But there shouldn’t be any more damage done by chewing ice one time, even if the tooth is cold sensitive. It will just be painful. For the other types of injuries where ice would help, it may be advisable to simply hold the ice at the location of the ache. Chewing ice may cause more “trauma-like” problems, as the nature of ice requires a moderate amount of force be put on it to chew.

Solutions other than chewing ice toothache remedies

There are many other types of remedies that can offer some help with toothaches other than chewing ice toothache remedies. Whether these will work, like with chewing ice, will depend on the cause of the ache. Sometimes there is not solution for a toothache other than going to the dentist. For others, the causes will be so mild that no dental visit is needed. But there are a few remedies that will most of the time.

Use Advil, Tylenol or Aspirin. These are over-the-counter pain relievers. This remedy is going to be the most effective method of pain relief for most types of toothaches. They work by blocking pain pathways in the body that would normally allow the damage to the tooth to give off a pain response. It is best practice to follow the instructions on the back of the bottle of the drug being taken. Sometimes, one drug will not work as well as another. What works will need to be tested. But overlapping drugs is probably not a good idea, if it is not advisable by a doctor or by the drug instructions.

Use clove oil that contains eugenol. The oil taken from cloves contains a chemical that works to relieve pain. It is called eugenol, which is used by dentists as an analgesic (pain reliever) too. The best way to use this method is to put the oil on a wash cloth or cotton ball and apply it to the tooth in question. It should provide some relief, depending on the cause of the ache. For those that are suffering from decay that is exposing the pulp of the tooth (or close to the pulp), the oil will probably work well. The clove oil can be purchased at any local drugstore.

Put a hot tea bag or something else on the tooth to warm the painful area. This will work for some toothaches, because the heat works to soothe the pain. The heat can be cycled with the heat in order to get the great decreases in pain. It works best to do 15 minutes of heat following by 15 minutes of cold. Of course, this only works if the affected tooth is not cold sensitive. For those sensitive, all cold applications should be avoided.

For those that are not sure which to do other than chewing ice toothache remedies, the above three should be a first choice. They are the most common ways to decrease pain when a tooth is hurting. But it should be noted that they should never be used instead of going to the dentist. They should only be used until a dentist visit is possible.

Why going to the dentist is very important during a toothache

Many people don’t like going to the dentist. This is due to the fact that going to the dentist is sometimes painful and almost always uncomfortable. Unfortunately, this cannot be avoided. But not wanting to go doesn’t mean a person shouldn’t, especially if they have a toothache. For those with a toothache, it means there is a very serious problem that can become threatening to not only the tooth in question (it may need to be pulled), but also the overall systemic health of the person with the toothache.

When a tooth has become infected by bacteria, the infection starts to eat through the outside of the tooth. This eventually (after a year or two) will lead to the center of the tooth being damaged by the bacteria. This is why it is so important for a person to visit a dentist on a regular basis to catch these problems before they get serious.

Once the problem has gotten to the pulp, the only way to fix the problem is to do a root canal. This is where all the nerves and other tissue in the root are cleaned out so that it can no longer hurt and the bacteria can no longer cause any more problems. By using chewing ice toothache remedies or any of the others, there is no lasting solution. The root canal or some other dental procedure will be the only lasting solution to the problem that is a toothache!