Toothache Home Remedies

Going to the dentist is sometimes a scary proposition for many people. These people will often put off going to the dentist for regular checkups and will only show up with they really have a problem. This can lead to toothaches and high dental bills. For those who do suffer from toothaches, there are some remedies that can help soothe the pain until a dentist visit is possible. It should be noted that using toothache remedies does not take the place of going to a dentist. The cause of the pain will not be fixed with remedies! But they can provide some much needed pain relief.

Tea bag toothache remedies can help ease the pain associated with a toothache. When a tooth begins to hurt, there are a number of reasons for the pain. Some are associated with infection, while others are caused by a tissue ulcer. There are many others as well. What causes the pain will determine whether tea bag toothache remedies will be a viable option. If not, there are also other remedies that can be tested as well.

Tea bag toothache remedies (and others)

When a person is in pain, he or she will often try anything to stop the pain from continuing. If the pain is sudden onset and a dentist is close by, the best option would be to schedule an appointment as soon as possible. For some, that may not be an option because of finances, travel or other reasons. This means the use of remedies may be necessary until a visit is possible. A few remedies, including tea bag toothache remedies include the following.

  • Use a hot tea bag on the tooth – if a tooth is in pain, some heat may soothe the pain. The bag should be placed in hot water. It can be boiled, so the tea can be used or not. After the bag has cooled down to an appropriate temperature, the bag can be placed on the tooth in question. The decrease in pain should be moderate. In no way will a tea bag be able to provide complete relief from pain. But it can help soothe the problem a little. Any help is better than nothing!
  • Use an over-the-counter pain medicine – there are many pain medications that work well to provide mild pain relief. And when it is used in conjunction with the tea bag toothache remedies, it works even better. The best brand to use will depend on the person. Some people find more relief from Tylenol, while others will find that Aspirin works better for them. The only way to know is to try multiple medications. Always follow the instructions on the pill bottle so that there is not drug interaction or over dose problems.
  • Use clove oil on the tooth – a third option is to use clove oil. It contains a pain-relieving chemical. This chemical, called eugenol, is even used by dentists in their offices. A bottle of clove oil can be purchased from a local pharmacy for a few dollars. The oil should be applied topically directly to the area of pain. It doesn’t need to be used as a mouth wash! Instead, apply some oil to a cotton ball and then use that on the tooth in pain. This should provide some mild relief.

If all three of these methods are used at the same time, toothache pain should become bearable until a dentist visit is possible.

Why tea bag toothache remedies aren’t a cure

Some may choose to use the tea bag toothache remedies or others as a final treatment, especially if they see a decrease in pain. Why go to the dentist and spend hundreds or thousands of dollars if they can use over-the-counter remedies that help the pain? This is a valid question. The answer has nothing to do with dentist greed. It only has to do with the cause of the toothache. A toothache remedy works by masking the pain. The pain itself is caused by some type of damage to the teeth or tissue surrounding the teeth.

One common cause is an infection that has traveled inside the tooth and has caused damage to the pulp. This is caused pulpitis and is very dangerous to the tooth. While some pulpitis is reversible, many cases of it are not. This means the tooth will either need a root canal or need to be pulled. What would happen if neither of these is done? The infection would continue to damage the pulp and would make their way outside the tooth in to the bone of the jaw.

This would cause osteomyelitis, which is an infection of the bone. This can be very serious and life threatening. What makes pulpitis scary as well is the fact it can stop hurting and still be causing problems. This is called necrotic pulpitis. Even though the toothache has gone away, there is still an issue that needs professional attention.

Cost of dental treatment when tea bag toothache remedies aren’t enough

When it comes time to visit a dentist after using tea bag toothache remedies, a common question will be how much will it cost? That ultimately depends on the treatment needed, so no specific answer can be given.

If the tooth has some damage to it and needs a root canal, that will cost anywhere from $500 to $2000 depending on the tooth. The back teeth have more roots, so they will cost more money to treat.

After having a root canal, most teeth will need what’s called a post and core. This will help to keep the tooth strong and will aid in making sure the root canal succeeds. That will generally cost a few hundred more dollars. Lastly, most root canals will eventually require a tooth to have a crown put on. After a root canal, the tooth will usually change color. A crown will help mask this change in color.

No matter the cost, living with a toothache is not possible. Visit the dentist after using tea bag toothache remedies so that proper dental care can be provided and relief of pain realized.