Toothache Remedies for Pregnant Women

Finding the time to go to the dentist while pregnant can be difficult. After all, being pregnant means going to a medical doctor month after month (if not week after week). Who has time to go to the dentist? While it is recommended that pregnant women visit the dentist once during their pregnancy to rule out any problems, many women forego a dental visit during pregnancy if they had one shortly before becoming pregnant. Unfortunately, many women skip going before being pregnant, which only adds to the time without a proper dental exam.

An example would be a woman who visits the dentist one year and becomes pregnant 5 months after that visit. She decides to skip her 6-month checkup because she is pregnant and canít handle the going to the dentist right now. Nine months goes by and she starts getting a toothache right before she is due to have her baby. Why did she get a toothache then? Most likely, it is due to the fact that she hasnít seen a dentist for a year and a half. Add to that, she may have been more concerned with the myriad of other distractions that come with being pregnant and simply ignored her dental health. This is not a good choice for expecting mothers, but it isnít necessarily the end of the world. Pregnant women go to the dentist and are treated without incident every day. But what if a woman is pregnant and has a toothache? Are there any toothache remedies for pregnant women? The answer is yes, but there is a caveat.

Are there any toothache remedies for pregnant women?

The simple answer is yes. But the more complicated answer is maybe, depending on the situation. While it is true that some remedies will help pregnant women find some pain relief, it is not recommended that these remedies are used in lieu of going to a dentist. Stress on the mom in the form of pain can cause stress on the baby as well. This can lead to complications. This isnít to say that a toothache necessarily is going to cause harm to mom or the baby. But it is important to consider dental and overall health at all times, especially when pregnant. It is never a good idea to ignore a problem!

If the dentist is closed or if the person is out of town and unable to visit the dentist, there are a few toothache remedies for pregnant women.

  • Use pain relief medicine approved by your OBGYN. Many people find relief from some dental pain by using over the counter pain medication. These include Tylenol, Advil, Aleve and many others. Using off-brand types is also acceptable, assuming they have the same ingredients of their more expensive brand-name counterparts. But before taking any medicine, it is important to talk to the medical doctor that is coaching the pregnant woman through the pregnancy and will deliver the baby. In general, whatever medicine the mother takes, the baby will also take. There are different classes for different drugs that tell which drugs pose no risk to the baby. The medical doctor will be able to tell you which of these will work best while avoiding danger to the fetus.
  • Use eugenol from clove oil. Eugenol is a chemical that works as a mild anesthetic. It is used in dentistry to relieve pain and works as a temporary filling material. Through the use of eugenol, it is sometimes possible to save a tooth from needing a root canal or from being extracted. The use of it as a home remedy is simply to reduce the pain until a professional can take a look. It does not take the place of proper care.
  • A hot tea bag can be used. Using a tea bag that has been heated in water can help relieve pain in some types of toothaches. Be careful not to get the bag too hot before putting it in the mouth. It is not meant to provide any chemical relief, as it only works through the heat it provides to the area. Not all toothaches will see relief using this remedy. If it doesnít work donít bother using it!

Many cultures believe that women lose a tooth for every baby they have. This is more of a myth than anything else, but there may be some truth to the correlation between dental problems and pregnancy. This isnít due to there being more problems because of the pregnancy. It simply implies a correlation between the decrease in proper dental care and pregnancy. Add to that, the stress that pregnancy can bring on also doesnít help dental problems that may be budding. All that is to say that oral hygiene and regular dental visits are very important to ensure a happy mom and child!

When toothache remedies for women do not work

Sometimes no matter what steps are taken, a tooth will continue to hurt until a dentist is consulted. The dentist will generally need to do a root canal if the infection has gotten to the pulp of the tooth, where the nerves and blood supply to the tooth are located. Unfortunately, a tooth that has had a root canal will also need to have something called a post and core, as well as a crown. This can be a very expensive proposition. How can this be prevented? The best way is to see the dentist regularly and have regular x-rays taken. Lead aprons are available for pregnant women that ensure no harm to the child during the taking of x-rays. Along with that, good dental hygiene habits will go a long way toward preventing the need for expensive dental procedures.

Does a woman have to lose a tooth with every child she has? No, she doesnít! If an expecting mom is smart and practices good common sense, it is possible to maintain great oral health, as well as overall health. Going to the dentist, OBGYN and any other needed healthcare providers during pregnancy is the best thing to do for a developing baby and expecting mom!