Vodka Toothache Remedies

Finding a solution to a dental toothache can be a very frustrating process. When a person is in pain, having to try different remedies for a toothache is not fun, especially if the toothache remedies are not working. In fact, there are some toothache remedies that will work to make the problem worse. Having a very painful toothache hurt even worse can make even the biggest dentist haters take a visit to their local dental office!

Unfortunately, many people who do not like the dentist often suffer from painful toothaches that require that they visit them against their will. Pain often controls what a person does. Until they can get to the dentist, there are some remedies that actually do provide some relief. These can be very valuable, especially for those who are out of town or can’t get to their dentist’s office for some other reason. Vodka toothache remedies are very popular as a pain reliever.

Using vodka toothache remedies

For those who are interested in using vodka toothache remedies, it is important to know how they are supposed to work. When someone says they used vodka toothache remedies, it does not mean they were drinking the vodka! This may work to relieve pain, but it may also cause more pain in the form of a hangover. It is instead used by applying the vodka to the spot where the toothache is originating from. If the spot is not localized (the pain is radiating all over one side of the mouth), the vodka can be used as a mouthwash.

Obviously, this isn’t a practice anyone should use on a regular basis. But for those with a toothache, it may work well to give some pain relief. If the pain does not subside after trying the vodka toothache remedies a couple times, it is probably best to try other methods of relief or just go ahead to the dentist.

Causes of a toothache

There are many instances when a toothache remedy will work. Although there are many different types of toothaches, there are also many different types of toothache remedies. The trick is to find a remedy that will work with a specific cause. The following are some of the most common causes for a toothache.

  • When the wisdom teeth are coming in – this is a common type of pain, particularly among young people who still have their wisdom teeth in. These are the third molars and will erupt sometime in early life, usually between 15 to 25 years of age. Some people never have their wisdom teeth erupt, but this is not the norm. When the teeth erupt and are doing so in a manner that is impeding on another tooth, this can cause pressure that is felt in the form of pain. When this happens, the teeth will need to be pulled. The later a person waits to go have this procedure done, the more pain and money the procedure will require.
  • After trauma to a tooth – this is the result of some kind of blow to the teeth that causes it to be damaged. This usually causes some mobility (movement) of the tooth. This usually leads people to believe that they are going to lose the tooth. This isn’t always the case, as the tooth will sometimes recover on its own. The mobility will disappear as well. There is usually pain associated with this. When the tooth doesn’t stop hurting or the mobility continues to be an issue, it is important to see a dentist.
  • When a cavity has reached near or to the pulp – this is the most common type of toothache problem. It is the result of bacteria working their way through the tooth to cause problems to the pulp of the tooth, the innermost portion. This is where there are nerves and other important structures are located. When they are damaged, it is felt as pain. Vodka toothache remedies will sometimes work with this type of ache.
  • When tissue is inflamed or damaged – this can be due to either dental procedures or inflammation as a result of gingivitis. This pain is not really a “toothache” but can sometimes feel like one.

When it comes time to use a toothache remedy, consider which of the above most likely fits into the pain being experienced. While the vodka toothache remedies may help the cavity pain, it may not help with tissue damage. This applies to all remedies; they work in specific situations.

When to do more than vodka toothache remedies (and how to pay for it)

Sometimes no matter what remedies are being used, no relief can be found. This means it is probably time to visit a dentist to find a permanent solution. Unfortunately, doing so may cost more than vodka toothache remedies! This is due to the fact that the materials that are used are expensive at the dentist’s office. Add to that, the dentist has to go to school for many years and take on loads of student loan debt. This all means that having dental procedures done will not be a cheap process. But it does mean the very best care will be given and a toothache will be taken care of with no problem.

If the financial aspect of going to the dentist is an issue, there are options to get it paid for. The first step is to find out how much the procedures will cost. Many toothaches will require a root canal. This can cost anywhere from $500 to $1000, depending on which tooth has the problem. In addition, a post and core and a crown may be needed to ensure the strength and esthetics of the tooth in question. This can add another $1500 in fees.

This means to save the tooth can cost between $2000 and $3000. This isn’t always the case, but it should give an idea of how much it costs if you have a toothache caused by decay that has reached the pulp. If this is going to be a problem, consider using a credit card. This is an option at many dental offices. In addition, some dentists will offer payment plans for patients in financial difficulties. Whatever the problem, talk with your dentist and he or she will help you find a solution that allows for the elimination of the toothache and achievement of proper dental health.