Clove Seed Toothache Remedies

Finding a solution to a toothache can be a very exhausting process. There are literally dozens of toothache remedies recommended on the internet. Finding one that actually works can be very difficult. What are you to do when you have a hurting tooth with no solution? The first choice would be to visit a dentist. For those who wish to try a home remedy before going to the dentist, there are some that will work well. Clove seed toothache remedies is one choice used by many with a toothache. This method works particularly well because it is based in science. It relieves pain via a compound it contains. In fact, it is used by dentists in some of the materials they use in their office.

How clove seed toothache remedies work

Clove oil is what is actually used on the tooth that is hurting. It can be purchased from a local pharmacy for between $4 and $8 and comes in a small bottle. The oil can then be applied to a piece of cotton ball or a wash cloth and used to apply the oil directly to the tooth in question. For those who cannot localize the problem, the oil can be applied very liberally to every tooth that feels like it hurts (even though it is probably only one tooth). Once it has been applied, instant relief should be felt. It may not be complete relief of pain, but some dulling down should be felt.

The clove seed toothache remedies work because they contain eugenol, which is a chemical that has analgesic properties. Analgesic simply means pain relief. This is a great chemical, as it is even used by dentists in their filling materials. When a tooth has to be drilled and filled by the dentist and the cavity extends to the center of the tooth, near the pulp, eugenol is sometimes used because it will help with any sensitivity. The pulp contains the nerves of the tooth, so when pain is felt, it is because that nerve is being disturbed and/or damaged. So with a toothache, this same chemical should also work to reduce the pain. This is why clove seed toothache remedies often work the best among all the toothache remedies.

Other options in addition to clove seed toothache remedies

There are other options that will work as well in addition to clove seed toothache remedies. It is important to try several and figure out which ones will actually work for your particular ache. While the clove seed toothache remedies are recommended, it doesn’t hurt to try others as well. Here are a few that may work well in certain circumstances.

  • Over the counter medications, such as Advil, Tylenol and Asprin – these work by blocking the pain response being sent to the brain to be processed. These are great choices for any pain, especially dental toothache pain.
  • Rub peanut butter on the area – this may seem a bit “out there” but people have used it with some success. It can be used when a person is looking for a quick solution using materials found around their home. Since most people have peanut butter, this works well.
  • Use hot and cold – the best method of applying heat to the area is to use a hot tea bag. The bag should be heated up in a hot water. If the water boils, make sure the bag is cooled down some before putting on the tooth in question. The cold application can be done using ice. Be careful using the ice, as some teeth are sensitive to cold, so this could potentially cause an increase in pain. Use with caution.
  • Apply vodka or whiskey to the tooth – this works well for many people. It should be noted that the alcohol is not actually drank; it is just applied to the tooth.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it should be used as a start when trying to find a solution to tooth pain.

When clove seed toothache remedies are enough

Some try to use clove seed toothache remedies as a solution to their pain problem. This is not a reliable method to solve a toothache. It would be nice if a toothache could be cured by a $5 bottle of clove oil. Unfortunately, a trip to the dentist is usually needed and the bill will generally cost much more than five dollars. This is due to the fact the dentist will have to do a lot of work to find the source of the toothache and then fix it. Sometimes the total cost of having a tooth repaired can cost between $2,000 and $3,000.

This may seem like a lot, but to keep the tooth and solve the pain issue, it may be worth the cost. If that is too much to pay, the tooth can usually be pulled for about $100. This may seem like a better option from just a financial aspect, but it should be noted that pulling the tooth will undoubtedly be regrettable later. This is due to the fact the teeth are very important to the function of talking and chewing. In addition, they serve an esthetic purpose as well. Losing a tooth is never a good option, especially when the decision to do so is based purely on money.

Paying for a solution to a toothache

Having financial problems be what prevents a person from going to the dentist is frustrating. The dentist will understand the issue and will usually work the person so that they can have their oral problems fixed while also finding a way to pay for the work as well. One solution is to pay using a credit card. This is a great way to get rid of the toothache while not necessarily having to have the cash for the procedures up front. Another choice is to use a payment plan; some dentists offer this service for some procedures. They will usually be set up for a six or twelve month length of time, depending on the amount to be financed. Some will charge interest, while others will not!