Peanut Butter Toothache Remedies

Finding a cure to a toothache is not easy. Especially for those that do not want to visit a dentist. People who are afraid of the dentist or simply can’t afford one will try to find toothache remedies that will help to ease the pain associated with a toothache. Sometimes this means trying some remedies that may seem “off the wall” or unusual. Peanut butter toothache remedies may not sound like something a person would normally use to get rid of toothache pain. But many people do use this type of remedy and have had success. The reason behind why it works has nothing to do with curing the problem, but it does help to block some pain until the problem can be solved by a dental professional.

How peanut butter toothache remedies work

In order to understand how peanut butter toothache remedies work, it is important to understand how toothaches work in general. There are several different types of toothaches, but the one that is most common is due to decay in the tooth. Bacteria in the mouth are normal; everyone has bacteria. It is constantly working to break down the teeth, but our saliva, diet and proper brushing provide some protection from this.

If a person avoids acidic drinks, a lot of carbohydrates and actively brushes/flosses every day, the chances of getting a cavity are very small. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen. So bacteria find themselves in the perfect environment to break down the enamel (outside) of the teeth. Enamel is very strong (hardest substance in the body), so it takes a long time for the bacteria to break it down. The entire process takes anywhere from 1-2 years.

The bacteria then make their way into the inside of the tooth, where it travels more quickly to the pulp, which is the innermost portion of the tooth structure. This is where nerves and blood vessels are located. The nerves are what is sensitive and relay pain to the brain, which is felt and “hurts.” This is an overall summary behind why a tooth may hurt. In comes the use of peanut butter toothache remedies that will work to block the pain. It works by covering up the “hole” that was created by the bacteria leading into the pulp.

Since the saliva contains many chemicals, bacteria and other foreign substances, the peanut butter works as a barrier, keeping this out of the tooth. This is why there can be some relief of pain using this toothache remedy.

What else to do in addition to peanut butter toothache remedies

There are other options to relieve pain from a toothache other than using peanut butter toothache remedies. There are many other options in fact. Unfortunately, not all of these work that great. There are only a handful of methods that will work. The reason one method works over another will really depend on the cause of the toothache. The following are the most common toothache remedies that have been shown to work well.

  • Use clove oil. This contains eugenol, which works as a mild anesthetic. In fact, this chemical can be found in some dental materials that work to relive pain when a pulp is near exposure. This is to say that it works! For those who are looking for some pain relief, eugenol can work very well. The clove oil can be purchased in any drug store for a few dollars, so the cost is not prohibitive. It can then be applied to a cotton ball or piece of cloth that should then be applied directly to the tooth in question. If the pain is not localized and the specific tooth cannot be pinpointed, the oil should be used very liberally, as it poses no health risk. A word of warning: it does taste bad, so that may be what limits its use in most people with a toothache.
  • Take pain relievers. This is what most people find to be the most helpful toothache remedy. This is due to the fact that it works by blocking pain pathways in the body. This is a complicated process, but these drugs work in different way to prevent the pain response from making it to the brain where it can be felt. The most popular pain relievers include Tylenol, Advil and Aspirin. Since they work in different ways, sometimes they should be cycled to see which will provide the greatest amount of pain relief. It is important to always follow the instructions on the bottle to ensure no drug interactions or other problems happen.
  • Use ice on the area. This is going to be a hit or miss toothache remedy for most. Ice can either help the area in pain or can make it worse. Some toothaches are pain sensitive, which make the ice a very bad idea. In fact, using ice on a toothache that is pain sensitive will cause a very uncomfortable shooting pain that may make someone scream! It is best if this is used very conservatively until it is known that it will not cause excessive pain.

Whether it be peanut butter toothache remedies or some other method, it is important to know that these are only temporary solutions that will not lead to lasting pain relief. Only a dentist will be able to properly diagnose a problem and solution for a painful tooth.

When to visit a dentist during a toothache

Many people find the dentist to be an expensive proposition. If they have to see a dentist with a toothache, it is assumed the bill will be even more expensive. This is not always the case. Sometimes toothaches can be cured with a relatively inexpensive treatment plan. Even if the treatment is expensive, it is better to “bite the bullet” and pay for the treatment rather than putting it off. The more the treatment is avoided, the more serious the problem will become. This means even more money spent on treatment. When is the best time to see a dentist during a toothache? As soon as it starts is the smartest choice for a visit.